Picture Frame Backdrop

Picture Frame Backdrop
Poly Stretch

Poly Stretch Shapes
Poly Stretch

Kabuki Systems

Poly Stretch
Framed Poly Stretch Shapes
Soft Poly Stretch Shapes

Kubuki Systems

Slip Drape
Black, Blue, Grey and Cream Velour
5′ high – 20′ high

Tie Drape
Black, Blue, Grey and Cream Velour
8′ high – 40′ high

Borders & Skirt
Truss border, black duvetyn
Stage skirt, black velour and duvetyn
Drape border, Black, Blue, Grey, Cream

Blue, Black and Gold
Red/white/blue bunting

White Muslin
12′-30′ high x 20′-200′ wide
Natural Muslin
16′-30′ high x 20′-100′ wide
White Leno
12′-20′ high x 20′-60 wide
Natural Leno
12′-20′ high x 20′-60′ wide
Grey and Blue Muslin
14′-18′ high x 30′-60′ wide

Dimensional Drops
Picture Frame Backdrop
Screen Panel Drop
Hobo Drop
Unplugged Silks

Black, White, Grey and Blue Sharkstooth
12′-20′ high x 20′-70′ wide

Specialty Drape
Chiffon, Trevira Silk, Satin and Polyknit
Nu-lash, Prism Laminate
Color, height and width vary

LED Drops
Star Drops
15′-30′ high
RGB Drops
20′-25′ high

Pipe and Base
Triple E Traveler Track
Kabuki Rigs and Drops

Custom Sewing