Picture Frame Backdrop

Picture Frame Backdrop
Poly Stretch

Kabuki Systems

Kubuki Systems

Slip Drape
Black, Blue, Grey and Cream Velour
5′ high – 20′ high Tie Drape
Black, Blue, Grey and Cream Velour
8′ high – 40′ high Borders & Skirt
Truss border, black duvetyn
Stage skirt, black velour and duvetyn
Drape border, Black, Blue, Grey, Cream

Blue, Black and Gold
Red/white/blue bunting

White Muslin
12′-30′ high x 20′-200′ wide
Natural Muslin
16′-30′ high x 20′-100′ wide
White Leno
12′-20′ high x 20′-60 wide
Natural Leno
12′-20′ high x 20′-60′ wide
Grey and Blue Muslin
14′-18′ high x 30′-60′ wide

Dimensional Drops
Picture Frame Backdrop
Screen Panel Drop
Hobo Drop
Unplugged SilksScrims
Black, White, Grey and Blue Sharkstooth
12′-20′ high x 20′-70′ wideSpecialty Drape
Chiffon, Trevira Silk, Satin and Polyknit
Nu-lash, Prism Laminate
Color, height and width varyLED Drops
Star Drops
15′-30′ high
RGB Drops
20′-25′ highHardware
Pipe and Base
Triple E Traveler Track
Kabuki Rigs and Drops

Custom Sewing