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From Empty Space to Dazzling Elegance

InProduction Business: CommuniLux

Project Type: Awards Show 

Location: Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, GA 


Transforming a Convention Hall into an Awards Gala

In the heart of the vibrant city of Atlanta, a dormant and cavernous space stood in anticipation, waiting for the next magical event. Hall B at the Atlanta World Congress Center, known for its vastness and versatility, was about to undergo a breathtaking transformation—one that would turn an empty hall into a resplendent stage for an extraordinary awards gala, complete with musical performances, and incredible dance numbers.

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  • Metal Work

  • Electrics and LEDS

  • Technical Detailers

  • Logistics and Transportation

  • Rental Steel Deck, Pipe & Drape

  • Scenic Paint

  • Soft Goods

  • Carpentry

Designed and produced by the talented teams at dynami group and Event Services and Production (or ESP as they go by), CommuniLux was selected to help bring this design to life. The project began with creating a high-quality finish calling on our in-house shop to bring to life the evocative feeling of the most prestigious of awards shows. Custom stairs, LED nosing, hard facing and gloss black marlite flooring was used to great effect, providing that magical broadcast ready look. 

Next, no awards show is complete without quick set changes between performances, and new looks for presenters. To facilitate this, CommuniLux fabricated custom podiums and award plinths, helping to seamlessly tie together the graphics on screen, the look of the lighting, and the physical scenery of the event. Band Risers and dance cubes were built to enhance those moments, with the same ease of setup as any broadway theatrical number.


Finally, there was the challenge of the room itself. To execute a show of this complexity it takes a tremendous number of people. MCs, presenters, dancers, technicians, producers, stage managers, the list goes on. Behind the scenes, in the space never seen by the audience, over 20 offices, dressing rooms, green rooms, and dance rehearsals spaces needed to be created. In addition, the room itself needed to be closed in, extending the experience for the audience beyond just the stage itself. To execute this change, over a mile of drape and skirting was needed. 

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