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Retail Store Design

Wow visitors to your store. 

Our custom fabrication capabilities can be used to create a more immersive shopping experience for visitors to your store, add walls and barriers to create "stores within your store" and so much more.

Event Activation

Engaging participants in an event or experience is of the utmost importance! 

Our team will work with yours to create an interactive experience at your event, whether it be for a day, a week, or even longer. With our capabilities spanning custom fabrication, activation sets, trade show booth design and assembly, staging, and so much more, we can help you immerse visitors in your event. 


Corporate Events

Why CommuniLux? Our seamless approach [Idea-Fabrication-Scenic Arts-Tech-Install]

We communicate! Your concept for your corporate event is discussed with each team member along the way.  From our idea room to our paint shop, we welcome clients into our shop as we tech and inspect each step of the way. Our team understands your vision to present your brand.

Look at our recent projects and consider what we can do for you.

The details show up!

Take a look at some of our TV and broadcast work, virtual events, and live event work. We work with top designers and producers to create unique and award-winning shows and broadcast sets and events, whether your audience is watching in-person from their seats or from home.


Born out of COVID-19 are what we are calling Hybrid events. These events combine in-person talent and at home audiences, allowing our clients to have a more engaging virtual event, whether it's a sports, corporate, or entertainment event. It allows attendees to have the feel of an in-person event while sitting at home or in their office. Hybrid events use a combination of green screens, broadcast style sets, hard sets, graphics teams, and video editing teams to create a more engaging broadcasted show.


Live & Broadcast Events

Our roots are in theater!

Theater drives our passion! Even in today’s budget constrained world. Theater keeps us grounded, creative and lean.  We understand scenic art and the imagination. Let’s work together and be dazzling!

Theatrical  Scenery

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