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Theater Risers

InProduction Theater Risers transform your event space into a theatrical venue. Clear sightlines keep your audience engaged and give your message the impact from a dramatic setting. The tiered levels can be sized to efficiently accommodate readily available theater seating, or spaced more generously to allow a roomier arrangement of luxurious executive style audience seating.

Risers Over Theater Seats

We first developed our Risers Over Theater Seats (RTS) system for building stage thrusts and runways out into the house, spanning theater seating over the existing seats without the need to remove them. As usual, the creative imagination of our customers quickly seized on the capability and before we knew it we were installing entire ballroom floors above the seats in historic theaters across the country. Tiered dinner and theater risers have been especially popular for fundraising events. The RTS system has also been used for press platforms and camera positions in stadiums and arenas. With RTS, InProduction’s designers and installation experts can transform your theatrical venue, adding impact to your message, and creating an experience to be remembered.​

Event Seating

Event Seating delivers highly functional and customizable solutions for concerts, conferences, corporate gatherings, and other events. Our elevated, tiered entertainment seating arrangements can be configured for 100 to 15,000 portable seats, and can be combined with flat-floor seating to provide event seating for nearly 50,000 event participants. InProduction’s extensive experience in Event Seating and modular components allows us to accommodate various rates of rise and either ground-start or grandstand-style risers with elevated first rows—all of which includes ADA accommodations including access ramps. Whether you need Event Seating for a stadium or a parking lot, InProduction has the Event Seating solution you need to execute a top-notch event.

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Riser Seating & Seating Platforms Seating platforms and risers are excellent ways to enhance seating for a variety of stage productions, like musical, choral, band or orchestral performances. Because seating risers can be designed for uses where performers are seated or standing, they provide a great deal of versatility depending on the type of event. Flexible Configurations Riser seating offers the flexibility to configure the risers to fit any space and amount of performers. Riser stands can be expanded, condensed, and shaped to fit well in any venue for any type of performance. One of the greatest benefits of riser seating is that it can be constructed in many different ways to achieve the exact staging setup your event requires. Also, riser seating doesn’t reduce the cubic volume of the venue, and this helps to boost sound and acoustics. 

Riser Seating

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