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Who We Are Today 

CommuniLux is a custom scenic fabrication company based in Dallas, TX.  Founded more than 25 years ago we have grown to over 30 full-time employees and 70,000 square feet of shop space. As part of InProduction, CommuniLux Productions together with the InScenic Team in Orlando, are called upon to produce scenic solutions for a highly creative, diverse client base in the corporate, retail, virtual event, theatrical, TV and Film and sports entertainment markets. Our team is responsive; we think out of the box; we understand show deadlines; we are ready to help you achieve your success!


Tell us about your next show and how we can partner with you! 

Allan Kahn
General Manager

Joining the CommuniLux team in 2022, Allan Kahn brings over 18 years in the experiential event industry having led teams in producing theatre, opera, live television, and corporate events. Allan’s professional passions center around enabling incredible people and providing high-value service to customers. Never happy with “the way it’s been done,” Allan leads by seeking out innovation in product, process, and thought.


Believing that collaboration leads to success, Allan loves to sit down with customers and understand their vision and goals. Finding creative solutions to timelines, budgets, and resource constraints builds great partnerships in business, and Allan is proud to be a part of those moments.

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Dane Tuttle
Technical Director, Electrics/Sales

As a key member of the CommuniLux team with an extensive background in operations within technical entertainment, Dane focuses on the design, construction, and integration of custom automation effects, electrical systems, and integrated lighting.

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Will Long
Director of Project Management

Will Long is the Director of Project Management at CommuniLux.  Armed with over 30 years of building and construction experience, and over a decade with Communilux. Will has a thorough understanding of what it takes to bring our clients’ vision to the “stage” on time and within budget.  Whether it’s an experiential retail activation, or a “Made for TV” set piece, Will can take a client’s “dream design” and build it. With a strong background in CAD and client relations and management, Will helps clients turn their vision into reality. From the first RFQ to planning, managing the build, installation, and load out, he is involved every step of the way to ensure the project is a success. Some notable projects he has managed over the years include the following: Lowes NSM, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, mtvU Woodie Awards, and Twitter SXSW, as well as events for Netflix, Ford Fleet, Caterpillar, Yahoo, and many other Fortune 500 companies. What does Will love most about his job? The exciting new challenges it brings him every day!

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Danny Slate
Carpentry Shop Foreman

Danny is a 20-year veteran with CommuniLux.  He is a key show-site veteran that clients have come to know and depend on.  His skill and talent are what sets CL apart when on-site.  Did you know? – Danny worked in the grocery industry prior to becoming a carpenter.  He is a finance graduate from Texas A&M; and we know he understands budgets as well as deliver excellence in scenic work for our customers!!

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Eddie Iracheta
Technical Director, Show Logistics
Screen Shot 2020-02-23 at 11.16.35
Roy Arellano
Production Carpenter/Welder

Eddie has been part of the CommuniLux family for 23 years.  He is a familiar face at show sites and has worked with most of our outstanding client base for many years.  He is multi-lingual and originally a welder by trade although he studied accounting in school many years ago.  Did you know?  Eddie has worked with key producers over so many years that when he greets them on show sites, he reminds them of where they worked from info in his phone contact list!  Favorite city to work a show?  San Francisco!

Roy is an 8-year team member.  Prior to CommuniLux Roy worked for the late theatrical set designer Peter Wolf for 18 years.  Roy is part of the CL show team and has traveled far and wide although his roots are in Harlingen, TX.  Roy loves the challenging and interesting shows that come our way!  Did you know?  Roy helped design and install a bridge for Shamu at Sea World!

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Jose Barajas
Transportation Manager
and Safety

Jose is a 12-year veteran at CommuniLux Productions.  He started in our logistics department and today oversees all our logistics and transportation. A journey along his career path!  Prior to CommuniLux Jose spent 15 years in the equipment and event rental industry in the DFW area.


Fun fact: Because of his experience and leadership, Jose runs the CommuniLux Safety Program.  His dedication makes all of us better!   

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