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Hybrid Event: Go West Creative – Sonic Drive-in Show

Inproduction Business: CommuniLux Productions

Project Type: Hybrid corporate meeting event

Location: Oklahoma City, OK


Go West Creative was hired by Sonic Drive In to produce a company-wide meeting to be broadcast to employees. The unique idea was to create a late-night talk show themed environment with green screen to deliver key messages to all employees who would watch the broadcast.  CommuniLux was contracted to build the scenic set complete with an orchestra area, host desk and all the amenities, to bring to life the delivery of the corporate message. The result was a fun, informative way for the senior corporate team to engage with employees and deliver the content to an audience around the world, during these most unusual times.  All team members were required to test negative for COVID-19 and all teams on-site were required to follow rigorous safety protocols to keep everyone safe.  The event was a success and delivered on the key commitments of safety, engagement, and communication. 

Shake it Up_5.png


  • CAD Team

  • Carpentry Shop

  • Scenic Paint shop

  • ​On Site Installation team

  • CNC Team

  • Logistics and On-site installation teams

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